Curriculum Vitae


“Transitions” is a series of black-and-white photographic triptychs. Each triptych combines scenes from domestic life, but employs a non-traditional, non-sequential narrative structure. 

From mass graphic communications to the rapid stream of social media, photography is more ubiquitous than ever in contemporary life. I am interested in recording subtle, personal moments in time, using the tradition of black and white photography. These triptychs make use of compositional elements like lighting, texture and geometry, and embrace traditional subjects, such as the figure, domesticity and the still life. They also use the storytelling aspects of cinema by cutting from one scene to another, but overlook a linear structure that resolves the narrative.

Combinations of architectural and figurative imagery create formal as well as psychological shifts in the work. Ultimately a mood emerges: sometimes humorous in nature, sometimes peaceful, other times claustrophobic or somber. A deer head, a sword and a child’s foot offer a disjointed version of the saying “from head to toe”; a stream of consciousness sequence features a pair of eyeglasses on a bed pointing towards a belly button, which is positioned next to a kitchen electrical outlet and an umbilical-cord-like plug. In a world where human experience is increasingly fragmented and impersonal, this work compels viewers to identify similar moments from their everyday lives and gain a heightened understanding of perception, memory and emotion.