Curriculum Vitae

Installation at ABC No Rio Real Estate Show, 2014 & 2010
Vinyl signs over existing graffiti. Words taken from local real estate listings.

I am attracted to the images and language associated with real estate. I choose the words from local real estate listings, to draw from language specific to the neighborhood. The words begin to take on a nuanced feeling when they are out of the context of the publication, but still connect to the community. The words are trite, but they also have a hint of poetic hopefulness. Each letter is unique, with the graffitied surface of the building showing through. The signs refer to the space very directly, and suggest that this space is affected by new commercial and residential developments. And although change is inevitable, it is important to think about what is lost in the process.

Updated Classic and
Sun-Drenched & Views, 2014

Beautiful Inside & Out, 2010